More About Us

I was born and raised within the centre of Chicago, IL. I had a standard doctor degree and had been in my faculty years that I actually took an interest in health and welfare. In my early twenties, I worked as a pharm technician at a physician’s workplace. I worked at the Illinois bank to reap given eyes to be used for tissue layer transplant. I conjointly worked at the urinary organ bank.

I first began seeing patients at my non-public welfare clinic in Chicago, IL, in 1999. I used to be a sole practician. It had been full of routine checkups, faculty physical exams, and seeing inveterately unwell patients. I used to be prescribing medication, however realised that they weren’t operating.

I began exploring the globe of natural drugs within the early Nineties. When seeing forceful enhancements once my patients changed their diet and have become a lot of physically active, I modified the manner I practiced drugs.

My passion is to remodel the standard medical paradigm within us, which consumes most of my free time. For forty years since 1968, I used to be a lively runner; I completed the Chicago Marathon in precisely over 3 hours, among alternative accomplishments. I actually have conjointly been a PC amateur since 1985, with interest within the net that dates back to the first ‘90s.

The existing medical institution is to blame for killing and for good injuring various Americans, however the stormy numbers of tourists to since I started the web blog in 2005 – we have a tendency to currently habitually among the highest ten health sites on the web – convinces me that you just, too, are bored to death with their deception. You wish sensible health solutions while not the ballyhoo, and that is what I provide.

Dr Jeff DuJohn